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A pioneering cloud service for FMCG vendors and distributors, BTL agencies and auditors, cleaning and courier services, construction and pharmaceutical companies.

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Bringing efficiency to desired norm

Food Union Saint Petersburg

Before automation, the team visited retail outlets uncontrollably, people used to go where and when they want. But now the effectiveness of visits has been brought to the required 90% (plan-fact). And the photo report helps us to make sure that we have set the correct frequency of visits: if an agent is "met" by an empty refrigerator at a point every time, it means that you need to go to this point more often.

Sky-high accuracy: we carry only what we ordered


Used to dictate orders, send SMS messages or e-mail, errors occurred when transferring information. Now the agent marks the positions selected by the client in the application. There were zero errors, the speed of work in point of sales increased.

Tangible effect of automation: unlocked potential of our company


After automation, we realized where we are now and where we can move. A rather serious prospect has opened up, to the point that we are now planning to reorganize our sales system and increase sales by at least 30 percent with the help of an implemented solution.

Saving "out of thin air": service in cloud is reduction in cost


Level of service has increased by 40% against the background of optimization of IT infrastructure and reduction of costs for the wage fund. The system does not need a separate server, the developer himself is responsible for technical support. And we are happy with the way he does it, and agents do not stand idle in the fields, bringing losses to the company. We have reduced the operators who "stuffed" applications - this is a saving of about 200 thousand rubles per month.

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A small online presentation about our team, about the features of cloud service and ST Mobile Trade mobile application, some examples of results achieved by our clients all over the world!

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