Field teams are always at hand

Modern cloud service for local distributors, manufacturing enterprises, merchandising and audit agencies, service and field teams

We have grown out of distribution and understand needs of our customers

System Technologies Ltd - developer of software for automation and management field personnel.

Since 2000, we have automated work of more than 50,000 field employees of manufacturing and merchandising companies — international corporations and medium/small businesses.

Our goal is Success of our Clients, achieved with our help

Reduction of expenses on payroll
Reduction of 2 of 4 operators
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Former staff with the growth of volumes
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There is 1 supervisor left
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Reduction of 2 of 3 operators
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Reduction of labor costs by 200,000 rubles per month
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Increase in labor efficiency
Acceleration of order collection by 4-5 times
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Plan-fact of 90 visits%
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No errors when collecting orders
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30 visits are made
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Increase in sales
Sales growth by 50% in 2 months
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Sales growth by 30%
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Market share has grown up to 2,5 times
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Sales growth by 10%
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Sales growth by 20% and service growth by 40%
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Reduction of associated costs
No servers and administrators needed
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One gadget instead of a "library"
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Payback of tablets in 1.5 months
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Benefits for those who understand their goals
Managers always keep their finger on the pulse!

Manage, influence and monitor any field activities in your personal account via a browser from anywhere in the world.

Visiting teams are as effective as possible!

An advanced mobile application helps to avoid mistakes, focus on goals and operate with all information online.

Cloud infrastructure reduces costs!

Modern architecture allows you to avoid additional costs for server equipment and saves time and nerves of your IT staff.

Office in Cloud — order in fields with minimal costs


Full control over the movements and actions of field employees


Effective planning of field teams work


Build optimal route in one click

Smart mobile application is the key to improving quality of customer service

ST Mobile Trade
  • Order in work and minimization of human factor
  • Protection against distortion of field data by unscrupulous agents
  • Reducing costs of maintaining team
  • Collecting objective information about work of field teams

Modern design and wide functionality

ST Mobile Trade

Operations on route and at points of sale

Feature to collect orders in one application, perform photo reports, conduct merchandising, gather Incoming Cash Orders, make refunds, sell directly from the board

Important information is always with you

Information about current stock balances, data on debts and mutual settlements of your customers

Additional tools

Function of automatic calculation recommended order quantity will allow you to quickly and efficiently fill buyer's shelves with your goods

It's time to move to the next level of business!


Live cloud service based on the best practices of largest players in distribution and merchandising market, with constant development, unlimited support and extensive functionality.

Contact us for individual presentation or explore features of service for different types of field teams yourself.