Licenses and tariffs

Only actual working days of mobile employees are charged

Total cost

Correction for vacations and sick leave - 0.8

0 0 $ per day

or 0 $ per month approx.

For managers and supervisors - free personal account, accessible from any browser on the site

For field employees: cross-platform mobile application "ST Mobile Trade", installed on corporate or personal mobile device.


The choice of license type depends on client's business processes and functionality required for work of trading teams.


0.225 $


0.325 $


0.375 $


0.375 $


0.500 $


0.625 $

Employee monitoring, GPS monitoring
Additional features (photos, messages, tasks)
Cash receipt order
Questionnaires and questionnaires
Collecting orders
Merchandising and information gathering
Return of goods
Actual storage SKU balances
Accounts receivable from customers
Automated Recommended order
Custom algorithm of the automated recommended order
Setting up discounts for mobile app
Working with weight goods (fractional values)
Choosing unit of measurement
Individual price lists for clients
Price restriction by minimum and maximum values
Dependence of price on type of payment
Using discounts
Multi - warehouse accounting
Acceptance of payments with details on outstanding invoices
Shipment from the VAN
Shared territory with the team
Visiting clients of subordinate employees
Territory and route of subordinates on the map
Monitoring of going to work and progress on routes
Audit of all employee actions
Sending reminders to agents
Setting tasks for agents from the fields
Operational reporting on the work of the team

Investigating needs, suggesting opportunities!

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