Automation of sales representatives

Planning and monitoring

Supervisor in the office part plans the work of field staff: sets them goals, tasks, plans of visits and sales

Data exchange
Information about work plans and tasks

Sales representatives receive route sheets, assigned tasks, customer receivables and stock balances

Data exchange
Sending work results

Sales representatives make visits to customers, complete paperwork and send results to the office

Mobile Application Features

ST Mobile Trade
  • Working with retail outlets of the territory in the list mode or interactive map, the ability to call the navigator to find the best way to get there
  • Customer cards with details, photos and contact persons, mutual payments and debts, visit schedule and plan-fact of sales
  • Sensus of client base, updating information and search for potential clients, establishing contacts and concluding new contracts
  • Regulations of work with clients, a set of documents and actions available during visits, their order and obligatory fulfillment
  • Recording of working hours and vehicle mileage, trips and visits, documents issued and actions taken by the employee
  • Route sheet of the current day, indication of the progress of the visit plan for the day, view planned routes for other days
  • Scheduled or unscheduled visits, recording time and duration, gps coordinates, all actions taken and results achieved
  • Phone visits without actually visiting customers, placing Orders, Returns, Receipts or Surveys if the setting is enabled by the administrator
  • Color indication of different statuses and categories of customers (example: stop list), visual emphasis in general lists of customers
  • Prohibit visits outside the customer's gps coordinates, or request photo confirmation of the correct location of employees
  • Forming orders for future deliveries of goods to customers, or taking orders and simultaneous shipment of products from on-board the vehicle within one visit
  • Faster new order entry thanks to auto-calculation of recommended values, taking into account the history of ordered goods and current customer balances
  • Acceptance of cash from customers, generation of incoming cash orders to simplify their evening collection processes
  • Processing of requests for return or actual accounting of goods accepted from the customer, with the possibility of specifying the reasons and selection of documents of the basis
  • Sending prepared documents and reports to e-mail, or printing on a mobile printer, if available
  • Field data collection with customizable tabular document templates, step-by-step survey forms and photo reports
  • Merchandising of actual customer stock, assortment and layout control, inventory and maintenance of sales equipment and POSMs
  • Competitive intelligence on the presence of competitors' goods, their pricing policies and promotional activities, shelf space occupied
  • Execution of tasks, both strictly tied to specific clients and with strict deadlines, and without such restrictions and limits
  • Notes on customers not directly related to transactions, but that can help in managing customer loyalty
  • Additional materials, shelf placement standards, planograms, or any other documents downloaded from the office as images or pdf files
  • Display urgent push notifications, or regular reminders at the start of the working day or when certain customers visit you
  • Monitoring of attempts to change the system time and time zone of the operating system of the mobile device of employees
  • Proprietary protection module against recording of fake coordinates by special programs and operating system settings
  • Protection against tampering and substitution of original photo files with pre-prepared images or photos from past visits

Cloud Application Features

  • Planning customer visits

    Visual representation of territories and planned routes on a map, distribution and optimal order of visits for each day

  • Formation of service standards

    Building standardized sequences of actions during customer visits, defining norms of time allotted for this purpose

  • Tasking and reminding

    Sending various reminders to employees' mobile applications and setting special tasks that require feedback or specific actions

  • Total GPS control

    Cartographic reporting of time and place of route departures, downtime and movements, as well as real-time monitoring of employee location

  • Actual visits and vehicle mileage

    Control over the execution of customer visit plans, results of task fulfillment and record of odometer readings of employees' vehicles

  • Maintaining the level of discipline

    Audit of employees' working day with the ability to drill down to viewing photo proofs of tasks performed by employees

  • Shelf position

    Updating information on availability, prices and promotions of its product lines, checking compliance with planograms, identifying violations by retail outlets

  • Competitor assessment

    Identification of competitors' product positions, representation and shelf share, identification of launched trade marketing activities

  • Sensus of the client base

    Updating by field staff of information on customers in the current territory, or researching new territories to find previously unknown customers

  • Improvement of key metrics

    Improvement of customer service quality, reduction of customer returns, re-sorting and undeliveries

  • Optimization of team size

    Reduction of data processing operators, prompt identification of inefficient field employees, development of clear and transparent incentive schemes

  • Increase in performance indicators

    Reduction of inefficient time wasted on the route, increase in the number of useful actions per visit, increase in the number of customer visits per day

Budget for sales team

License Calculator

The following parameters have been taken into account in calculating the average monthly budget for your field team:

  • Field team size: 1 persons
  • Work schedule: 21 work days per month.
  • Vacations, days off, sick leave, vacations: Factor X 0,8
  • Sales Representative License: 0.500 $ / working day
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Advantages of using the service

Feedback from our customers
Working conditions with service are very pleasant, especially compared to the purchase of licenses. The project is easy to launch, new employees are easy to introduce into the project outline - everything is done elementary and simple. A big plus is that the subscription fee is charged only for an active day if the employee went on the route.
Vladimir Levasyuk Financial Director Oliviera
We use the developments of "System Technologies" and enjoy it, in general. It's one thing for a manager to be nervous about how to do everything faster, it's another to just press a few keys. You can concentrate on the main tasks - visit more customers, sell more, so that orders are delivered faster. - this is a tool that helps employees fulfill a sales plan.
Roman Nikiforov General Director Volgohimstroy
Cloud Service - is more than a budget option. It would be more expensive - we would hardly be able to afford automation. To implement the solution, we did not have to purchase licenses, servers, and so on - and these are significant items of expenditure. We bought tablets, installed a program on them, and pay daily rent, and only for working days. If the manager is ill or has taken time off, the day is not considered a working day. The program honestly tracks everything, does not deceive.
Victor Bagrintsev Sales Director Karavay Kubani
The efficiency of the trading team has increased markedly. Immediately after automation, we saw everyone who works two hours a day, who does not go on the route and takes orders by phone. Fined. Now there are no such blatant violations: the program encourages people to fulfill their duties in good faith. And those who didn't want to work left on their own - as soon as we connected ST
Oksana Orlova Technical Support Specialist Interauto
Everything is convenient, clear, simple. I like how the office part looks, how the desktop is organized. The mobile part is similar to the version we had before, but it works much faster: both downloading and sharing. We have a lot of products, and before, when switching from one group to another, the application hung up, now everything is almost instantaneous.
Margarita Akulina Accountant LKM DOM
of sales
We immediately saw what was going on in our field, how our sales representatives work. If we take it more globally, then we realized where we are now and where we can move. A rather serious prospect has opened up, to the point that we are now planning to reorganize our sales system and increase sales by at least 30 percent with the help of an implemented solution. We will also automate and develop merchandising - now we use the solution only for sales.
Alexander Khodkevich First Deputy Director Genesis Plus
staff reduction
The impression of the service is good. Now sales representatives use the mobile application in order to have access to the electronic database, as well as add new customers. I think it would be more difficult without automation. This is much better than working without a mobile application via email and mobile messengers.
Rustam Alabuzhin Commercial Director Soltex
time saving
We automated work of sales representatives, operators, supervisors, merchandisers: we issued tablets with the installed program Almost everyone mastered the functionality of the program very quickly. Additionally, we will train several age-old sales representatives who, in principle, have no experience working with computer equipment.
Alexander Bevzelyuk Commercial Director World of Ice Cream
We looked at several companies that are engaged in SFA, and turned to "System Technologies". Then we chose a supplier from the line, as the most appropriate criteria: efficiency, the ability to control "field" personnel, the final cost of the project. One of the advantages of the "cloud" service is that it is located on the partner's servers and is serviced by specialists of "System Technologies".
Yulia Barakshina Project Manager BIC
paper saving
Our goal is to get away from paperwork and get up-to-date information about the situation in the "fields". With the help of tablets and a mobile application, everything is done faster, better and cheaper, as people are freed from unnecessary work and have more time. And the company is moving to a qualitatively different level of development.
Evgenia Nikitina Head of Marketing dep. Irbis
staff reduction
We looked at a lot of solutions, but only the "System Technologies" program worked on the first attempt. Then we chose a supplier from the line We planned to implement ERP first, then a program for automating mobile trading. But since you don't need to refine ERP to configure the cloud service, it turned out the opposite. An important factor is almost zero investment in the project. No equipment other than tablets was required.
Anton Skuratovich Head of IT dep. Modum Cosmetics
using functionality
It was decided to automate mobile employees a long time ago - the project was postponed due to the high cost of implementation. We considered the solutions of three suppliers: one of them did not cover the necessary processes, the other offered to pay the cost of each license and each module. it turned out to be the most profitable solution for us - the rental payment system suits us completely.
Ekaterina Minobudinova Commercial Director Volga Product
We have tested about five programs. As a result , we stopped at, as on the most successful and convenient option. While the IT specialists were setting up the solution, we were learning. I received reports on the progress in studying the courses of the trading team. I monitored the success of the employees and the time spent on training.
Nikolay Chinnov Head of Department Arsenal
reduction of operators
The main, expected result is, of course, an increase in sales. I can also note significant savings from the dismissal of unnecessary employees - out of four operators, we have only two left. This project is a pilot for us, so it should take some time to understand all the existing opportunities and development prospects. I can say that we will definitely develop our cooperation with the service and further.
Dmitry Kiparin Director Cascade Forever
sales growth
Service we were intrigued, firstly, by the speed of the order appearance directly in ERP. Secondly, it is a function of daily viewing of current balances, for example, if there is no position in stock at the point of sale, then it can be replaced with a similar position, so that the order volume does not actually decrease. Thirdly, an important feature is that the customer sees what he orders, i.e. the visualization of the product.
Dmitry Migunov Head of Sales Department Interplus
sales growth
Most of all, I wanted to get rid of the catalogs that the agents constantly took with them. This desire was the main reason for automation. Confectionery products at least need to be shown, so it was important for us to put together images of products from all suppliers. Now we are not tied to manufacturers' catalogs, the agent does not need to carry a whole library with him. He demonstrates the entire range with just one gadget.
Maxim Malkin Director Glavtorg
plan/fact of visits
Service he helped us analyze the working day of the most responsible "agents". We realized how much time should be spent on visits and on the road, developed a single model, built a rating of outlets, divided them into four types, each with its own timing and its own stages of the visit. Now our standards are based not just on feelings or desires, but on information fueled by numbers.
Stanislav Tarasov Head of Sales dep. FoodUnion
disclosure of potential
After the introduction of automation, the real picture of the work of sales representatives became visible: the construction of daily routes, the number of outlets visited, the time spent on visits, information about accepted orders, merchandising events and other important data. In addition, we were able to identify our weaknesses, as well as opportunities and growth potential.
Sergey Bobylev Owner Bobylev
ready-made solution
It was important for us to communicate with participants who have advanced further than us in mobile trade automation projects. We hope that their experience will help us avoid mistakes: why step on a rake if you can take ready-made solutions that others already work. This also allows us to think for the future, to build a system that can be improved, which will allow the business to develop.
Lyudmila Pervyshina Head of Sales dep. Zolotie Luga

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