5 reasons to consider automation

5 reasons to consider automation

During the economic crisis, many companies are experiencing difficult times: sales are falling, costs are rising, and staff efficiency is decreasing. If you faced at least one of these problems, this article will help you find a solution!

Operating speed

Using a visiting field teams automation system in a sales organization greatly speeds up the work of employees. The supervisor can set tasks and manage subordinates anywhere, in real time, as long as the computer has a browser and Internet access. Sales representatives and merchandisers more easily complete all stages of the visit to the sales outlet: planning the route, preparation for the visit, order acceptance/merchandising, thanks to automation significantly reduce time costs for these activities. Data exchange between the mobile device and the accounting system takes only seconds. Operational interaction between all employees of the company is qualitatively improved.

Staff optimization

Automation of certain business processes in the work of a sales representative allows you to reduce the number of employees needed, allowing the organization to optimize payroll costs. Labor productivity of an automated sales representative exceeds the KPI of an agent working "the old-fashioned way" on paper and by phone. The integration of an automated visiting field teams system helps reduce the number of personnel involved in routine work, such as order processing operators.

Cost reduction

For a retailer using a visiting field teams automation system, the savings consist in doing away with all the paper work and stationery previously required by sales representatives. These include all sorts of product cards, presentation materials, forms and questionnaires, interview forms, etc. All of this is now in electronic form on the agent's mobile device and can easily be edited and corrected.

Personnel control

Automation and use of GPS system gives the manager an opportunity to control and regulate the working day of the employees. With the help of visiting field teams automation system, it is possible to track all the movements of a sales representative online, find out which sales outlets they visited, how much time they spent there, what activities they performed and much more. This increases the overall efficiency of agents, raises the quality of their work, makes it possible to follow the route and fulfill the plan of visits and sales.

Sales growth

Sales growth when using a visiting field teams automation system is determined by several things:

  • speeding up all activities at the point of sale helps the sales representative to visit more outlets in a working day, therefore, take more orders;
  • the use of GPS control makes agents to follow the plan of visits accurately and comply with labor discipline, as well as motivates to use working time efficiently and strictly according to the regulations;
  • extensive analytics and reporting capabilities allow the supervisor to structure sales information more accurately and make the most realistic sales plan.

Field teams automation system is a serious advantage for the company on the market. It is an innovation that helps grow the business. As experience of our clients shows, having invested in automation now, already in the first days after the launch the growth of sales is fixed at 30%. Using a mobile commerce automation system, you will always be one step ahead of your competitors.