Census of sales outlets: Effective customer involvement

Census of sales outlets: Effective customer involvement

Do you think census is a costly and pointless activity? But it depends on how you approach it. In this article, we'll tell you about the rules of outlet research and how to do it yourself quickly and efficiently.

If you're bringing products to market or wanting to conquer new territories, you want your sales representative to travel to as many locations as possible in a day. As you explore an area, you divide it into areas between agents. Dividing up the territories isn't enough; you need to make up the best route. To do this, make sure that:

  • Right turns prevail in the route. They take less time (traffic lights do not regulate or the right section is lit, does not delay the passing oncoming traffic at the intersection),
  • Employee has a list with all possible points so that there is not a single spot left in the area that has not been surveyed.

Remember the game "Super Mario"? He runs and beats all kinds of bonuses out of bricks with his head. Going through the same level for the second time, you already know what's in which brick. If the bonus is small - you do not spend the time on this little thing. So it is here: after surveying the territory, the outlets are classified, the small bonuses-outlets are eliminated at the stage of route planning.

The main objectives of census:

  • Make a list of sales outlets,
  • Make routes for sales representatives,
  • Determine how many agents will be needed,
  • Send employees to the fields,
  • Monitor execution. It's best to automate this process. You can keep track of many agents at once.

But moving on. What are the actions of the merchant at the point?

  • Agent evaluates the location, the contingent,
  • Afterwards, sales representative needs to make contacts with the staff and ask about product needs. Along the way, describe the sales area, the number of cash registers, competitors on the shelves, and marketing and promotional materials,
  • It is important for the sales representative to find out who makes decisions about deliveries at that outlet, about payment, and who the store is already working with on deliveries of that product.

Automating this process will help not to lose information and pass it on to the supervisor verbatim. And he will know exactly whether the plan is fulfilled. Services for automation will help you use the potential of your employees in the most effective way.

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