Changes in financial conditions 2023-03-01

Changes in financial conditions 2023-03-01

Dear partners,

We hereby notify you of changes in the financial terms of cooperation from 01.03.2023
The changes relate to the cost of tariffs for the actual working day of a mobile employee.

Remuneration (royalties) for the right to use in Appendix No. 2:

  • License "ST Forwarder". Mobicom. – 15 rubles/day
  • License "ST Sales Representative START". Mobicom. – 21 rubles/day
  • License "ST Merchandiser". Mobicom. – 24 rubles/day
  • License "ST Sales Representative PLUS". Mobicom. – 31 rubles/day
  • License “ST Sales Representative PLUS KPD". Mobicom. – 33 rubles/day
  • License "ST Supervisor". Mobicom. – 33 rubles/day

Prices for licenses are shown without VAT and are valid from 01.03.2023.

We also draw your attention to the fact that it remains possible to use preferential terms on licenses when 101 or more simultaneously working agents are reached.

With respect, Team