How to choose mobile devices for sales representatives

How to choose mobile devices for sales representatives

Automating your field workers is a serious process.
You've agreed upon the initial work, set deadlines, agreed on a test period, calculated and budgeted the implementation of new functionality.
How will your employees work?
Is it BYOD* approach or have you allocated a separate item of expenditure for the purchase of corporate equipment?

"It is quite acceptable to recommend the staff to purchase mobile devices from the list agreed with the developer," says Alexander Isaev, a specialist of the product management department of System Technologies. - "Yes, the agent can choose any gadget, no one forbids it, it's a personal thing. But if you say to an employee: "Buddy, buy yourself a PDA/tablet/smartphone from this list, and we'll give you a part of the money back", not many people will refuse. Thus, a fleet of the same type of equipment will be formed. This concept is a compromise and is called CYOD - choose your own device.

In our practice there are several variants of equipping the staff with mobile devices:

  1. Employees use their own mobile devices.
  2. The company buys corporate equipment that is used only for work.
  3. The company provides an interest-free installment plan for employees when purchasing equipment. And the phone or tablet is transferred to the personal use of field staff.

There are many options. We are sure that you can offer your own way of equipping the staff with mobile devices.But, one way or another, for high-quality and full-fledged work with our product - "ST Mobile Commerce". - device must meet certain characteristics.

A more detailed list of characteristics of mobile devices can be found on the website of System Technologies.
There you will also find a list of the main recommended devices. They are tested and approved by our clients and partners.

*Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a new global concept, a technology that is growing at a high rate and which implies the possibility for employees to use their own mobile devices in the work process.