Controlling time spent in an outlet

Controlling time spent in an outlet

There are situations when supervisors need to plan an employee's working day more precisely. For more rational use of time by an agent in an outlet, we have introduced the "Time Control" functionality in "Agent Work Scenarios". From now the manager can control the time that an agent can spend on "Order" and "Merchandizing" documents. New functionality makes the work of agents faster and easier. Employees are motivated to accurately complete their timed tasks, their overall work discipline and personal responsibility increases.

On the Desktop, click on the "Agent Scenarios" icon in the "Routes" section.

In the opened window you can see the current list of agent scenarios. At the end of each line there are "Open" and "Delete" buttons, which can be used to open or delete a scenario. To create a new scenario, you should press the "Add" button.

The left part of the window contains the list of operations that can be added to a new scenario. To add an operation to the scenario, drag the selected action to the block on the right.

You can control the time to perform actions at the point of sale only in the following operations: "Order", "Merchandising" and "Optional action".

In operations "Order" and "Merchandising" you can control the total time for performing all actions of a sales representative in a point of sale, which is counted in minutes.
Also in these operations you can control the time that a sales representative should spend on average for each SKU when working in a point of sale. It is counted in seconds.
In the "Optional action" operation, you can only control the total time (in minutes) that a sales representative can spend on additional actions in a point of sale.

To view the time control report on the Desktop, click on the "Time Control" icon in the "Reports" section.

The "Visit/Plan" column shows the time that the sales representative should spend on visiting one TT, while the "Visit/Fact" column shows how much time was actually spent by the agent.
The "Visit/Delta" column shows the difference between the planned time and the time spent in an outlet.