Daily routine of supervisor or how to optimize product matrix

Daily routine of supervisor or how to optimize product matrix

What is SKU Matrix in the classical term? It's a pile of paperwork that notes down who to sell to, why to sell to, and how much to sell. Such a method only seems simple, but in fact the salesman can lose or forget the records in the office when he goes "to the fields".

Let's imagine a situation: the supervisor gives the salesman a task: at point A, sell only groceries, and at point B, sell juices. The salesman goes "to the fields" and to point A sells goods from both categories. The agent just forgot about the restrictions when he got to the customer.
Or the next situation: the matrix of goods for each point is different. But the salesman, driving around a dozen customers in a day, is not able to remember the assortment restrictions in each matrix. You have to refer to all the items over and over again. This takes a lot of time from all participants in the process, and as you know, time is money.

There have been hundreds of examples where the human factor has resulted in constant money losses. The solution to this problem is to automate the process so that as few people as possible are involved. And ST-Mobi.com recently introduced a new functionality: the SKU Matrix.

No more paper and pen notes on your wrist. In the service you can create one or more SKU matrices. Add within each one the necessary conditions and restrictions. And all this automatically goes to the salesman's PDA:

  • Restriction of the assortment for outlets. You can select all, a few, or just one point as the required matrix condition.
  • Limiting the assortment for a sales representative. You can choose all, one or more employees to be subject to the terms of the product matrix.
  • Restrict the assortment by goods. You can define which products or groups of products are allowed to be displayed.
  • Limiting the assortment by time. This item allows you to set the validity period of the matrix. In addition, it is possible not to set start date, end date or not to limit by time the period of matrix functioning.

The new functionality will allow you to flexibly adjust assortment limits by time and sales outlets. It will help you organize your workflow without manual management and eliminate the human factor from your sales staff. Try the new functionality in the free demo version right from ST-Mobi.com website.