Development: Winter 2023

Development: Winter 2023


  1. Component responsible for sidebar in SKU Stock report has been updated.
  2. Implemented import of marketing materials from ERP.
  3. Mechanism of databases distribution by servers has been finalized.
  4. Added feature to get activation code for ST-Mobile Trade 4.6 on mobile user account window in
  5. Added feature to close modal windows in web interface by pressing Esc.
  6. Visual improvements of modal windows in web interface, which presuppose selection of elements from the list: correct reduction of text that does not fit into the length of line has been made, when selecting only one possible element, select all checkmark is no longer displayed.
  7. In employee's card, when filling in phone field, they got rid of autofill with data stored in browser, and made mask of correct format of entered number.
  8. Completely redesigned employee selection component in interface of
  9. Changing window view, as well as with active restriction on organizational structure when selecting employees in reports.
    You can switch between list and tree views.
  10. Updated breadcrumbs component in interface of
  11. Price column has been added in the product directory and in Product Stock report, which displays price of products set by default price type.
  12. Retail networks directory has been completely updated.

Individual improvements

  1. Sorting of goods on the printed form Invoices for payment (new document existing for this revision, generated on basis of Order).
  2. Revision of Cash report in ST-Mobile Trade - grouping of records by firms in the form of drop-down lists.
  3. Report on the remaining equipment in retail outlets in ST-Mobile Trade.
  4. Replacing the standard button for sending a document to an email from ST-Mobile Trade with a button that generates a document of a new format specified by the client.


  1. Unloading of the tabular parts of the shipment documents referenced by the Cash Receipt Order documents.
  2. Saving changes when editing and copying a sales plan.
  3. Import from an Excel template of a sign of product participation in merchandising.
  4. The name of one of the values of the constant Prohibition of the beginning of the visit.
  5. Copying the add. conditions with the selection of products in matrix.
  6. Search by employees in Events feed.
  7. Incorrect date of task creation to yourself in the standard ST-Mobile Trade configuration.