GPS monitoring

GPS monitoring

According to statistics - the main control functionality used in our service is GPS monitoring.

Do you want to know what benefits it brings and how to work with it? Please!

"Previously, sales representatives in 70 percent of cases did not travel to the points, did not see the real situation on the lay-out, on the presence. New products hardly reached the shelves: agents made presentations over the phone, and such information is not perceived by ear," Ivan Ryabinin, Head of IT Department at Zeon, shares his opinion about the GPS functionality.

We didn't warn anyone of the staff, we just turned on the GPS control and watched.
Now, of course, the situation on the routes has changed dramatically.
The field personnel have a standard working day from 9 to 18 hours - now in fact.
As a result, we have raised the level of service by 40% in six months, and sales have increased by at least 20%.

GPS monitoring allows you to visually track the movements of sales representatives and to check their visits to sales outlets.

On the Desktop, click on the "GPS" icon in the "Routes" section.

Select the date for which you want to build the report (1) and the employee from the list below (2).

On the right side, a map will be opened with the agent's movements and the outlets they visited that day.

You can launch the interactive playback of a sales representative's working day and visually see the employee's movements.

You can also find out the start and end time of the agent's working day, the duration of their visit to each outlet, and the time the employee spent on this or that part of the journey during the working day.

To view the planned visits of a sales representative, you should click on the "Plan" icon.

The map below will show only the outlets from the visit plan. Green indicates outlets visited by the sales representative, and red indicates outlets that the employee should visit that day or forgot to visit.

You can read about the "Live GPS" function in the article "Live GPS: Real-time control".

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