How to train sales agents?

How to train sales agents?

Congratulations, the automation process is well underway. Your employees are preparing for the first test "field trip". You are thinking about the next step, how to train the field staff. After all, you need to explain the basic principles of the application, give appropriate recommendations, and distribute handouts. We anticipate your questions and describe the main problems that significantly hinder the progress and productivity of work.

The automation process is directly related to personnel training. This involves time, resources and money. To reduce risks and costs, you need to introduce a competent and effective training system. We will tell you about the proposed solutions below.

The main problems a company faces during training are as follows

Staff changes

Sales representatives can not always fully and properly perform their duties after the introduction of automation systems. It is connected with many factors - from banal fear and insufficient qualification to unwillingness to get into and understand. As a result, there is a "turnover" of personnel. Companies that automate distribution processes most often face the need to dismiss one or another employee. The main reasons are that employees do not comply with labor discipline and do not fulfill their tasks. In our practice, we have also encountered cases of "sabotage" among the staff. A peaceful and mutually beneficial solution is quite possible, the main thing is to think about this step in advance and not be afraid of change.

Lack of resources for training

Not always in the staff there is a specialist who can qualitatively teach the functionality of a new product. However, this point is not only about human resources. The company may elementary not have a room for conducting trainings. Also, there is not always time to bring specialists up to speed.

Software upgrade

When migrating from old versions of programs, there are problems and misunderstandings among the staff. The reasons are many - from interface changes to new features. Therefore, it takes time to get up to speed with the new functionality and design.

Territorial distribution

Large distributors often distribute work between regions. Accordingly, they hire staff with geography and optimization in mind. It is sometimes extremely difficult to set up a training system, because not everywhere there are the necessary specialists (see problem number 2). It is also difficult to assess the quality of training. In addition, there can be a discrepancy in timelines.

Our recommendations

Group training for new teams

Group training is an old proven effective method of working with staff.
Lectures, seminars, trainings and similar forms of training are appropriate. In addition, group training is less time-consuming than individual training.

Handling typical situations with supervisors

In addition to group training, we recommend using this type of activity.
Modeling situations, collective search for solutions to this or that problem helps to memorize information and speeds up the learning process.

Memos and accessible instructions

Create memos and accessible instructions. The clearer the better.
Look at your manuals from a layman's point of view, not a professional's. Is everything clear in your text? Are there illustrative material, charts, graphs?

Audio and video courses

Distance learning has long established itself as a convenient, cheap and high-quality alternative to live lectures.
You can create a training program yourself - for example, create a special storage where you "pour" all the lectures.
Spending once and giving access to all employees pays off in the future.

For easier adaptation of new employees, we recommend uploading all memos to a mobile application, so that the agent can clarify any features or questions directly in the mode of working with the outlet. Use the Marketing Materials functionality for this purpose.

By the way, we can also help with online training for your employees.
Together with our distance learning center, we can help you develop customized courses to fit your company's specific business processes and needs.