Live GPS: Real-time control

Live GPS: Real-time control

Cloud distribution automation service introduces a new functionality - LiveGPS, an online tracker of sales representatives' movements on the route (supported by ST Mobile Trade 4.1 and above).

Now it is even easier to control the movement of agents. Open the map on in your browser and your employees are at their fingertips. Besides, you will know where your sales representatives are and what activities they have performed (visits, orders, etc).

View the tracks of several users at the same time in Overview mode. If you need detailed information on a particular agent, switch to detailed mode. Location data (GPS track) is regularly uploaded from the "ST - Mobile Trade" program from a sales representative's tablet or smartphone to the service at 15-second intervals. The minimum upload interval of 5 seconds is set in the Settings.

LiveGPS allows you to be aware of your subordinates' actions during the working day. At any moment you can get information about employees' movements in real time in 2 clicks. Live GPS increases feedback, speed and quality of operational management and control.