In addition to developing new functionality of, we are constantly refining and improving the current functionality.
Our latest innovation was the refactoring of the "Messages" functionality. Now this functionality is coming with more convenient and intuitive interface.

On the Desktop, click on the "Messages" icon in the "Routes" section.

To create a new message you should press the "Create" button.
In the text field type your message.

Next, select to which employees you will send this message.

Or select which outlet the message will be attached to.

Specify the period of relevance of the current message (4) and its repetition (5). If this message is important and should be highlighted to the sales agent, check the "Important" box (6).

After completing the creation of the message, click on the "Save" button.

The created message goes to the "New" section (1), the author (2) and the message text itself (3) are indicated.

As long as the message has not yet been received, then it can be edited.

Once agents have got a message to their mobile devices, it goes into "Not read," where you can see which users have already read the current message and which have not.

As soon as sales agents read the message, it is moved to the "Read" section. Important messages are also reflected in the corresponding field.

There are also classifications for "On outlet" and "On employee" options.

You can copy similar messages. Select the desired message and click on the "Copy" button. The copied message can also be edited.

With the "Search" function, you can easily find the message you need.