New features - mobile supervisor

New features - mobile supervisor presents a new functionality - Mobile Supervisor.
This is an element of the service that provides convenient work with sales representatives and control of their activities, as well as allows auditing of sales outlets.

Evgeniy Chestnov, Director of, tells:

A supervisor's activities usually consist of two parts - field and office. The field component is operational tasks, which he performs by visiting retail outlets alone or with a sales representative. In addition, there is office activity - when the supervisor is engaged in analytics and reporting. Initially in we implemented only the analytical block - the supervisor logged into his personal cabinet of the cloud service, viewed operational data, analyzed, drew conclusions and assigned tasks for the next stage. When there was a need to quickly manage work in the fields - there was no full-fledged solution for this set of tasks. Some people accessed through a browser from their phone, while others used the "ST Mobile" application used by the agent. Therefore, we decided to close the circle of automation over all areas of the supervisor's activity and implemented this functionality within the mobile application. Now the supervisor has a full set of tools at his disposal, which covers all his working tasks - both field and office.

4 scenarios of a supervisor's work

Paired visits to outlets

Let's imagine that you have a new agent who needs to be trained. The supervisor alongside with them makes a visit to one point from two devices. The sales representative has one list of actions and the supervisor has another. For example, training questionnaire, action evaluation, etc. This option covers the training tasks. Or it is possible to use this scenario as employee supervision. In the report card, evaluations are put on it, so that it is possible to evaluate the quality of the sales representative's work in the future.

Employees audit

It is good to audit field employees. We need to be sure that all activities are being performed in full. For example, if a sales rep has substituted a photo, the supervisor sees the discrepancy and can correct it. Supervision of such employees is usually done by the supervisor. A catch-up audit is when an agent has made a visit to a point of sale and left it, and the supervisor comes after them. He can see the entire history of the sales representative's actions, down to the minute-by-minute statistics of actions on the route.

Replacing an agents during their absence

A sales representative may, for example, fall ill, go on vacation - in such situations the supervisor performs the functions of an agent. They see the entire plan of visits, tasks and performs the work of their employee. Thus, the outlets is not abandoned, and active work with them continues.

Independent activities in the fields

Naturally, the supervisors has their own activities that are not related to the agents' activities. They may visit completely different list of outlets, performing separate tasks. This scenario allows you to deploy your full-fledged workplace.

You can learn more about the Mobile Supervisor capabilities from your project manager, or leave a request on the website.