How to make an outlets' stop list

How to make an outlets' stop list

A sales representative visits a large number of outlets in a month. On average, this list reaches 100 outlets or more. Sometimes there are situations with a particular store is on the blacklist. The most common reason for this is debts on accounts. In order to quickly coordinate the work of agents and provide them with up-to-date information on mutual settlements with customers, we suggest using the Stop-list functionality.

What are the advantages of using Stop-lists?

  1. A sales agent can adjust his route in time.
  2. Customers' debts are reduced - the agent can remind about the lack of payment when promptly transmitting information about the lack of payment.
  3. The current debt does not increase - the functionality does not allow placing orders for points with arrears.

A stop list is a list of outlets with whom trading and monetary relations have been suspended or prohibited. This is decided by the accounting department or the economic security service.

How to customize?

If a point of sale is included in the Stop list, a corresponding warning message is displayed on the mobile device when you start working with it.
In addition, when working with this outlet, it will be impossible to create the documents Shipment of goods and Order collection. The application will warn the user about this.

All changes of the Stop List come to the agent during a data exchange with server.

Customization algorithm:

  1. Go to the Routes tab. Select the Stop list item
  2. To add or remove a client from the Stop list, click the checkbox on the right of the trade point name.
  3. The line with selected outlet is highlighted in blue color.

In the mobile app, customers from the Stop List are highlighted in red in the overall list of outlets in the territory and in the visit plan.

If you need advice on setting up stop-lists functionality or want to learn more about the service features - contact your personal manager.