Why choose SaaS?

Why choose SaaS?

In this article, we will talk to you about SaaS — software as a service, a modern business model of interaction between the client and the software provider. Surely, many have already encountered this concept, for example, the cloud-based field teams automation service ST-Mobi.com is also built on this model. Today we will tell you about the advantages and prospects of using SaaS in any area of business.


The ease of implementation and operation of cloud systems is one of the reasons why they are in high demand among consumers. Getting the system up and running takes a matter of hours, after which the customer already receives a fully functioning service. For full use on the office side, you only need a browser and Internet access. For the mobile part, you need a tablet or smartphone with wireless connectivity.


Saving on IT infrastructure and specialists is another factor that inclines potential customers toward SaaS. Cloud-based systems eliminate major costs such as keeping a staff of IT professionals, in-house server, networking and other equipment. This is very important, especially for small businesses, where any savings help improve efficiency and competitiveness. All control, management, backup and storage of data, individual application settings are performed by the cloud provider. Data security is ensured by encrypting all information on the way to and from the cloud.


Cloud systems allow to respond quickly and flexibly to market needs. Various customer requests or wishes can be implemented in a short time and at minimal cost. Services can be provided, canceled, changed, limited at any time, without significant cost to the consumer.


Cloud service is an inexpensive solution that even small companies can afford. The payment system usually uses up-front regular payments. For example, in the ST-Mobi.com service, the customer pays only for the effective working day of their sales representative. This means that payment is made only if the agent has made a visit to the sales outlet and performed some operation, such as taking an order or sending a photo report.

Due to its advantages, SaaS is becoming more and more popular on the IT market. We see that the main consumer of these services are small and medium-sized businesses. Growth in sales of cloud systems is increasing every year. IDC predicts that spending on cloud services in the period 2016-2018 will grow five times faster than the total spending on information technology. This once again confirms that the future is SaaS and more and more companies will move to a new model of software use.